CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1987 (collection wine)
CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1987 (collection wine)

CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1987 (collection wine)

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 A red dry collection wine, that has a ruby colour. It’s full bodied, with an extractive and balanced taste. Cabernet- Sauvignon is seen as the grandest of all red wine varieties.

It is perfect for a copious dinner, especially winter season.

Food pairing: Dishes based on red meat suits it best, as well as aged cheeses
On each bottle the year of vintage is presented, the bottling year and the year the wine has been deposited, too. The bottles are covered with natural limy content – real signs of long storage of the wine in the collection.
The collection wine might have sediment from tannins and natural proteins.
The wine is recommended to be stored in horizontal position in a cool place, and opened one hour before serving.
Contains sulfur dioxide.
Unlimited validity term.
Strong temperature: +5…+20 ºC.
Guarantee term 36 months from the certification date.

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